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The Center for Teaching the Constitution is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching all people the principles of the founding documents of the United States of America including the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and other primary source documents. The principles of liberty are taught from the actual texts of the documents utilizing the classical learning methods of the founding fathers. All of the documents are studied together and cross-reference with each other to provide an accurate interpretation of the meaning of each clause. Freedom-seeking people will be richly rewarded by both understanding the documents and acquiring greater academic ability.

The founding fathers sacrificed their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to preserve the blessings of liberty for us today. This organization was founded as an effort to carry forward this spirit of liberty to ourselves and our posterity through teaching the founding principles. Learning these principles will bless us individually and collectively as a nation. These documents are one of the greatest things we all have in common and can serve to unify us as a nation.

The Center carries out its mission of teaching the roots of liberty by offering both traditional courses and e-mail courses, lectures, teaching aids and distributing books and tapes to individuals, schools churches and families. The Center also focuses on assisting public schools in California to comply with the education code for teaching the founding documents before High School graduation.

The video sample below is a newscast of Constitution courses taught to the community. It is an illustration of the vision and goal of this organization to spawn courses like this taught throughout the nation. Click on the image below:



The time has come to restore the Constitution. Become part of an army of constitutional missionaries to win back our republic! Join now!

Organize a seminar on the Constitution in your own community. Just find at least 50 patriots and a place to meet. The Center for Teaching the Constitution will provide a speaker to teach the founding principles and energize your group to become beacons of freedom to restore the republic and personal freedom. Go to the contact page to request a seminar.

The Continental Congress has reconvened for the first time since 1776! This historic event took place last year from November 11-22 at St. Charles, Illinois where over 100 delegates from 47 states met to review and document violations of the Constitution and create a plan to restore the Constitution. The plan is called the Articles of Freedom and it consists of 14 resolutions containing instructions to the federal and state governments and recommendations to the people to restore our Constitutional Republic. On April 19, 2010 this document was presented to all 50 state legislatures and the federal government as instructions from the sovereign people to the servant government to comply with the Constitution. We are also encouraging everyone  to go to: and read the articles and sign the pledge.

Web-based Constitution Course (Course P3): Click on courses tab to find 18 preliminary lessons. Video presentations are currently in process. Register on contact page.


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